Interior Module

Harita fehrer has manufacturing expertise and wide customer base in following seat module components manufacturing for automotives
  • Armrest
  • Headrest
  • Neckrest
  • Centre driver console for cars and other automotives
  • Door console for cars and other automotives

Technology used in seat module

Integral Skin Foam (ISF)
  • ISF used in manufacturing of armrest for commercial vehicles and centre consoles for cars
  • Eliminates the use of upholstery as it forms a thick skin in the external surface
  • Used widely in vehicles exposed to external atmospheric conditions

Pour-In-Place (PIP)
  • PIP used in manufacture of headrest and neckrest for passenger cars and other automotives
  • Provides excellent finish compared to traditional cut and sew method

Cut & Sew
  • Standard system used in manufacture of all types of seat module products