Seat Foam

The seating system in an automotive is the first direct point of contact for the customer to experience comfort, luxury and to evaluate the personality of the vehicle. Comfort in any seating system is derived from the attributes of underlying foam pad. 

Harita Fehrer is a technology driven polyurethane foam pad supplier to automotive seat manufacturers, customer expectation have increased over the years and Harita Fehrer has established itself as a complete solution provider to seating system manufacturers in meeting this demand. 

Harita Fehrer has been developing Non-VOC (Volatile Organic Contents) foams for major automotive OEMs.

Dual hardness foam

  • Foam pad with varying density in bolster and center cushion. Firm bolster at the sides provide good lateral support and increase sense of safety by means of hugging effect to the thigh while the soft foam in the center provides seating comfort
  • Dual hardness foam are used in passenger cars to address customer's quest for comfort and luxury

Foam-In-Place (FIP)

  • FIP technology allows upholstery to be fabricated along with foam pad
  • The technology offers various benefits such as providing good contour, prevents oxidation and water seepage in foam pads
  • FIP foam pads are used for seating system in vehicles exposed to external atmospheric conditions such as tractors, earth movers, lawn mowers, construction equipments, two-wheelers and other commercial vehicles
  • FIP can be used for integrating modules into car interiors

Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) damping foam

  • NVH technology foams efficiently absorbs noise, vibration and harshness increasing quality demands
  • NVH foam is a lower weight substitute for traditional metal reinforcements in automotives enhancing performance
  • It significantly reduces energy transfer to vehicle passenger compartment and improves vehicle body structure dynamics
  • Its application includes damping foam for engine cover preventing noise and vibration transfer, fenders for passenger car, sealants, gaskets etc..
  • Applications also include reinforcement of frame rails, body cavities or body panels for automotive interiors